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Other services we can offer you

Logo re-creation. Sometimes, with all the stuff you have on your system, files from time to time go astray, they may get changed or deleted. But don't worry, help is at hand, we can re-create your lost logos or artwork from a web image, small file or a printed image so it can be used at any size you need and will be crisp and clear too.

If your logo is too small to use we can make it in a format where you can blow it up to the size of a house (i you want) and it won't be distorted.

We offer a great service where we can re-create that logo or file for you, all we need is your digital file or even a printed sample to scan and we will re-make it in our vector programs.

Photo Manipulation

We have the skills and know how to take out something in your photograph that you don't like, for instance a dead flower that's spoiling the shot so you don't want it to showing in any of your promotional material.

We can 'colour correct' a shot that might look flat and dull or too dark so making the picture look more realistic and true to life really make it zap.

They say a photo says a thousand words, so let those words be something truly wonderful - we can give your photos justice and make then pop!

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