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Mesh Fencing Banners

these banners have huge impact and will get you noticed in a flash, they are quick and easy to install and to take down using the eyelets supplied, just lash it to your fence or wherever you want it.

The outdoor sign mesh is a super tough, windproof, heavy duty full colour printed shade cloth, use for high visibility advertising, promotional advertising for indoor & outdoor.

These outdoor mesh banners have thousands of tiny holes to allow air flow. this means that movement and resistance is greatly reduced in windy outdoor conditions. Flapping is reduced, billowing is reduced and the risk of wind ripping the mesh banner off it's attached surface is minimised making them perfect for many outside uses.

Mesh Fence Banners

We have priced a few variations in the left prices box, please email us using the box to the left with the exact size you need or why not give us a call, we love to talk to people!

They come with either:

Hemmed edges with eyelets: Top, Right, Bottom, Left and every 50cm along

1 Pole with sewn pocket top only

2 Poles with sewn pockets, either top and bottom or on the sides

Add eyelets to the pole options on the remaining sides

Used by builders, construction sites and temporary fencing companies.

We offer shipping on all of our products, we can calculate this with your order, please feel free to click here to get a more accurate quote.

The prices set out here include all printing and set-up costs, and are exclusive of  GST. Artwork is extra.

  • MESH FENCE banner prices

    Hemmed Edges. Eyelets every 50cm.

    3m x 1m   $295

    3m x 2m   $420

    6m x 2m   $675

    1.54m x 10m   $830

    2 x Pole Pockets Top and Bottom.

    3m x 1m   $285

    3m x 2m   $425

    6m x 2m   $680

    1.54m x 10m   $822

This Mesh Fence Banner is in use to hide the work being carried out in Newcastle, its a clever way to cover the facade and keeping it looking like the original building underneath.

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