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Let's Talk About Colour


Yesterday I received some flags for my client, she also ordered some vinyl banners printed too, the artwork had exactly same colours used in both but the products were different sizes.

Now most people would think they would come out exactly the same but we have to factor in the differences between the types of printing and the materials it's printed on. This goes for other types of printing too, just so you know!

As you can see by the picture above, the difference in colour is noticeable, the pic on the left shows the vinyl banner and the pic of the right is the wind flag. Well that's a bit rubbish you say, but lets also factor where they are going and you'll see its acceptable. The flag is going outside in the sunlight so needs to be colourful, the vinyl banner is going inside and needs to be strong. They also won't be next to each other so people won't even notice they are different, only when you put them together will anyone see.

All our flags are printed on a lovely soft, velvety material that is strong and waterproof, the inks use are just for this type of fabric flag printing and are sucked into the absorbent fabric as it's being printed on, the results are that you get a richer deeper more vibrant colour.

The vinyl banners are printed on a synthetic, harder plastic material that is strong and thick, the ink sits of the top and not absorbed in like the flags. Which means you get a stronger, thicker layer of ink.

So the moral to this story is, you can't (or we can't) always guarantee the exact colour match, we can do our best. As these were printed by 2 different printing processes, it would be very hard to get them to match exactly.

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