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Have you got 2016 planned out?

Here's 12 steps to get your business in order for 2016.

1.   Grow your list of clients and add them to your database, this way you can send them out email direct marketing (EDM's) when you feel like it,

2.  Segment your email lists into smaller, specific lists based on your clients (or potential clients) interests, that way you can market to them directly,

3.  Using social media platforms, Facebook, Pintrest etc. to get people to "click through" to your website,

4.  Use a "landing page" as the page to click through for them to see the offer/promotion in more detail,

5.  Keep adding more content to your website each week, create interesting blogs, brilliant insights and facts, this keeps people coming back to your site for new content and also keeps the search engines finding valuable related content about your business,

6.  Write blogs and posts as you would write them, make them sound like you wrote them and in plain speak, don't copy them from somewhere else, google will know, google knows everything!,

7.  Keep your home page specific and clean to what your selling,

8.  Make sure you have your contact details on every page of your website, make your phone number and email obvious to people on your page so they don't have to search for them or have to go to your contacts page just to find your number to call, make your email address click-able so they don't have to type it out too,

9.  Use Google Analytics to get information about your website and how its working for you,

10. Get a professional to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to optimise your site,

11.  Good 'ole printed flyers are still a cheap and easy way to introduce offers and promotions for your business and easy to hand out, get them professionally designed and you will look the bees knees, keep them simple and only use 3 fonts at the absolute most. Use pictures to tell the story rather than words and use your website URL and phone number, and social media logos too,

12.  Keep your business cards up to date too, this is your first port of call, if you make them look like a disaster has struck your not looking your best, they should sell your business before you and keep them interested in you after you have left!

Now go out and take action for 2016!

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