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The Trendiness of Banner Flags

It's really only being the last five or so years that pop up wind banners have been appearing on the streets, and don't they look great? Whether you have an outdoor shop selling cars and trucks or a garden centre, these different types of flags look amazing and grab the passing trade.

There are several shaped wind banners, Bow or concave banners they have a section at the bottom that goes inwards, The Convex shape is the same but goes outwards instead. The Teardrop banner catch the wind more and are great to draw attention

Here are steps you can think about before engaging your graphic designer:

What does your business do? ie: Accountant, Jockey or Garden Centre?

What do you, as the owner, want to see their image as? i.e.: Friendly/fun, corporate or casual?

Do you want a simple, stylised logo design or a complicated one?

Have you seen a style or look you really like or to be similar to? Show the designer everything you can.

Budget, how much do you have to spend to get what you want?

What will it be used on? This needs to be factored in when designing, such as Business cards, Catalogues, Website, Brochures, Signage, Posters, emails, or anything else?

Will it be used in colour as well as black and white too?

All these factors give your graphic designer a helping hand in deciding the cost of your new logo design, based on how hard it is to create it, what you want, the time it will take to create it and to keep it within your budget. You also may want one or two design ideas or maybe more, these too take time to come up with, then there’s the changes you want to make to the design you like most, again these take time to do and get them over to you for approval.

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