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Q What happens if I don't have my own logo?

A That's easily solved, We can create a great one just for you.

Q FAQ why don't you have a shopping cart on this site?

A Because we like to look at each order individually, so we can get the best price possible for you and steer you in the right direction with the right product that will work best for your business.

Q Why are there limited types of shirts, caps, bags and fleeces?

A Because we don't want confuse you with thousands of items. Just by limiting the amount of products to a few and by choosing a range we feel is best for your type of business, we believe it will help you narrow your down your search to save you time. Of course if you want something specific that isn't on this website, we most likely have it anyway. Just let us know by clicking here.

Q Can I get a sample of one of you products?

A Of course, that's no problem, just let us know what size and colour you would like from the ranges and we will send it out to you, but, of course we can't really do this with the flags!

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