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The Different Types of Printing


Offset Printing

CMYK (Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black) is for printing offset colour onto paper and other print ready material. It is easier to control the amount of each of these coloured inks on the press so we get a closer representation of what you want printed, which makes it a superior colour mode for printing in colour.

Another advantage of CMYK is it's a cheaper way to print lots of different items, as long as they are all on the same stock and weight.

If for example we printed just your business cards on the printing press, you pay the printer for his time, stock and the ink used, plus the cutting out once they are dry. If, however we printed them with 20 other companies cards, (called "gang" printing) your still paying for the printers time, stock and ink but you are sharing the cost with 20 other people, so bringing the cost down a lot.

RGB on the other hand is a adaptive colour mode used to show colour on computer monitors, using the primery colours (Red - Green _ Blue). RGB produces colour by using light, some cheaper home printers use this mode as you only need three cartridges, So if all three colours are combined together to their lowest degree they would make white. With CYMK we use a combination these four colours to get the true colour you want, 50% magenta and 50% Yellow will make a orange, all four together would make black.

Spot Colour Printing

Spot colours are specific printing ink colours, called PMS colours (Pantone Matching System). These are when you want the printed result to be consistent throughout every job and every time its printed, even in a few years it will still be the same PMS colour. This way is more expensive as each spot colour has to be 'laid up' on the press and printed individually, the printer has to lay the ink on the press, print the product and then clean the press for the next colour to go on, it's a lot more labour intensive and so more expensive, but the result is that colours throughout match as opposed to 'gang printing' which sometimes isn’t very accurate,

For example you might get your business cards gang printed and some signs too, we cant guarantee that the same colour on your logo will be the same. on both items, the reasons are that different presses produce different results and different press operators run up the press slightly differently. The amount of ink laid on the presses might be sightly different too.

But having said that they are very good value for money.

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