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Let's Talk About Colour

Yesterday I received some flags for my client, she also ordered some vinyl banners printed too, the artwork had exactly same colours used in both but the products were different sizes.

Now most people would think they would come out exactly the same but we have to factor in the differences between the types of printing and the materials its printed on. This goes for other types of printing too ...





Flags A Frames

The things we do:

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Have you got 2016 planned out?

Here's 12 steps to get your business in order for 2016.

1. Grow your list of clients and add them to your database, this way you can send them out email direct marketing (EDM's) when you feel like it,

2.  Segment your email lists into smaller, specific lists based on ...

The Different Types of Printing

CMYK (Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black) is for printing offset colour onto paper and other print ready material. It is easier to control the amount of each of these coloured inks on the press so we get a closer representation of what you want printed.

Another advantage of CMYK is ...

How much should I pay for a logo?

With today’s fast paced world, new businesses are popping up left, right and next-door. So the second thing to think about (after your companies new name that is) is your logo and business look.

And it’s not an easy feat for any designer I can tell you. One thing ...

How much should I pay for a logo?

It's really only being the last five or so years that pop up wind banners have been appearing on the streets, and don't they look great? Whether you have an outdoor shop selling cars and trucks or a garden centre, these different types of flags look amazing a ...

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